Text Box: New Finds — Since books were published 
Click the state you want!   New Finds are pictured for the underlined states.
The set of books list ~25000 labels.  New Finds have added ~1200 (5%)

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Alabama                                 Alaska                                      Arkansas                               Arizona

California                               Colorado                                  Connecticut                          DC

Delaware                                Florida                                     Georgia                                 Hawaii   

Idaho                                      Iowa                                         Illinois                                   Indiana

Kansas                                    Kentucky                                 Louisiana                              Massachusetts

Maryland                               Maine                                       Michigan                               Minnesota

Missouri                                 Mississippi                               Montana                               Nebraska

North Carolina                      North Dakota                          New Hampshire                   New Jersey

New Mexico                            Nevada                                     New York City                     NY except NYC

Ohio                                        Oklahoma                                Oregon                                  Pennsylvania

Rhode Island                          South Carolina                       South Dakota                       Tennessee

Texas                                      Utah                                         Virginia                                 Vermont

Washington                            Wisconsin                                West Virginia                       Wyoming                                                          



pp = Preprohibition,   p = Prohibition,

W = World War I period, circa 1918-1920

U or L = Federal Permit Period;    L = c1928-1933; u = c1933-1936  

i = irtp period. 1933-1950    n = after 1950 (not irtp)

BC = Brewing Co.;  BCp = Brewing Corp.;  Bry = Brewery;  B’s = Breweries

NYC = New York City;    NYX = Except NYC